Berliners 24-7 Diva Heaven have come together to recreate the ‘glory’ days of the Riot Grrrl era!

These three feisty frauleins – Kat, Mary and Karo – who doubtless with a penchant for watching reruns of MTV’s Alternative Nation when they’ve nothing better to do, really do have an ear for what made this sort of music so vital for it’s fifteen minutes of allotted fame back in the day.

Names like Babes in Toyland, The Pixies and L7 will cross your mind whilst you listen, which ain’t a bad thing, obvs, but luckily the girls bring a modern sass to proceedings which stops the whole thing from descending into pastiche, though they come close a couple of times, it has to be said.

Best track is Victim, a vicious grinder of a song with a great backbeat from drummer Mary and a well-convincing vocal from Kat, who also provides suitably fizzing – and fuzzy- lead guitar on all the tracks. She’s like a Teutonic Courtney Love!

Actually at times she comes across like Frank Black, which is surely a better proposition, but whoever she happens to sound like she’s got the perfect, snarling delivery for this kinda ting.

At five tracks and a quarter of an hour in duration, there’s no chance you’re going to get bored with 24-7 Diva Heaven. In fact, I’ve a sneaking suspicion that if you have a soft spot for grungy, punked-up, lo-fi fun then you’ll be playing this rather a lot in the coming months. Let’s hope they get an album out soon!

Superslide is out now.