A reasonable sized crowd have braved the bloody cold Canberra conditions to make their way to The Basement in Belconnen to see the Brisbane Powercore Metallers, A Breach of Silence, playing the last gig on their Australian tour.

I’d managed to run into Blair Layt (bass and backing vocals) catching the earlier set from Canberra band Na Maza. He informed me that the band had all been struck down with sickness recently but they are all keen to put on a show and they will make it through.

The band comes out to meet the crowd and kicks off the festivities. Bringing high energy from the start, they whip the smallish group of hard core fans up at the barrier into a frenzy.  The band rock through a nine song set covering all their released albums including favourites The Darkest Road, Falling Away and the excellent Night Crawler.  When you consider how unwell they have been, all seem to be in high spirits and put on a great show.  Blair was even able to manage to hit the very high notes at the end of There Will Be Blood.  Both he and Rhys Flannery (lead vocals) tell us that that was no certainty he would get there given he couldn’t breathe at times over the last couple of days.

A Breach of Silence certainly showed they are a hard working band and put on a high energy, rocking show.  They really interacted well with the crowd. Fist bumping, sharing shots with a random fan (who brought them all one up during a break between songs) and getting the crowd to sing along the chorus from Vultures with them.  The guys seemed to be really happy with the response from the Canberra fans and can’t wait to be back.  I’m guessing next time it may not be winter, considering they were coming from a balmy 20+ degrees Celsius to our minus temperatures.


  1. Night Crawler
  2. Secrets
  3. A Better Place
  4. There Will Be Blood
  5. Vultures
  6. The Darkest Road
  7. Fair Weather Friends
  8. Falling Away
  9. Lost At Sea