It is with great pride and excitement that we present to you our very own record label. Starting as an event project last year, launching our own beer ALU, we are finally ready to go official with part 3 – our own record label. With our network, experience and dedication in the music world, it made sense to just do it all ourselves and put our knowledge in the same pot. So we created By Norse Music!

The three founding fathers of By Norse Music have this to say about their creation:

“Whether or not it is booking a concert or releasing an album, my experience with Wardruna is that since it does not really fit into any defined genre or ‘fixed machinery’, but branches out into a multifold of them, it demands special attention and effort to meet its potential and needs. So for many years now my wish and vision has been to, at some point, create a label for my own as well as other carefully selected music and art that would be flexible and also resourceful enough be able to handle each unique project on it´s own premises and adapt to its needs rather than squeeze everything into the same machinery. The time has come for realization and I feel very exited about venturing into this together with dedicated people I hold in high esteem both personally and professionally” – Einar, Wardruna

” I am thrilled and proud to be part of the brand new tribe that is By Norse Music. Firstly, I still believe in “the record label” as a highly relevant entity. If a label is flexible, innovative and adapted to the new reality – it can more than ever act as a powerful catalyst for great art. I know we do just that. Secondly, working together with the partners most akin to my own business philosophy – integrity, not being an asshole and working very hard – is inspiring and brings out the best in me! Thirdly, going on this trip (psych reference!) with the best of friends is not only a good idea; it is also lot of fun!” – Ivar, Enslaved

“In times where knowledge about diversification, market segments, consumer patterns, niche genres, commercialization and so forth is more important than ever to make a valid business case and build a successful career, it is vital to gather the right people to protect and nurture the rights owners interests the best we can. That is By Norse.” – Simon, AISA

By Norse – an innovative force in today`s music industry!
By Norse Music is located in Bergen, Norway and currently have Wardruna and selected back catalogue items of Enslaved in their library. It is a platform supporting and building up Norwegian art, music, literature, film and culture to reinforce Norwegian heritage and traditions. By Norse was founded in 2015 by the three of us, Einar Selvik (Fimbuljod Productions, Wardruna), Ivar Bjørnson (Peersen Production AS, Enslaved, BardSpec) and Simon Füllemann (AISA – All Independent Service Alliance LLC, All Access Agency).

Wardruna – Runaljod – Ragnarok out in October 2016!
This upcoming (Northern) Autumn Wardruna will complete the circle and release the final part of the Runaljod trilogy. Runaljod – Ragnarok is the very much anticipated third part of the release, following Runaljold – Gap Var Ginnunga in 2009 and Runaljod – Yggdrasil in 2013. One of the songs from the upcoming album was recently released on our official sites and was met with great enthusiasm. The final album in the Runaljod Trilogy will be released this October on several different formats.
The first release concert in Norway will be held in Oslo, January 2017