Japan’s Abigail bear a name synonymous with hard work. Since the band’s inception in 1992 they have been involved in over fifty releases. The band refers it themselves as practitioners of street metal. However in fact they perform a very prosaic form of blackened thrash/speed metal that is archly simplistic.

If proof of this is required the listener should investigate the track We Need Beer and Whiskey. This song has far more in common with eighties punk rock than heavy metal, save for the Satanic croak of vocalist Yasuyuki.

However that is not to say that Abigail are without merit. The listener well-versed in such material will recognise that the band grasp the tropes of their chosen genre better than most, and all conventions are upheld with efficiency if not originality. If you already enjoy this form of music, you will enjoy Far East Black Metal Onslaught.

Abigail exist purely for the gratification of themselves and a doubtless committed knot of fans. This release will not change that. But as an example of it’s kind the reviewer acknowledges that it is of high grade indeed, and recommends as such.

Abigail release Far East Black Metal Onslaught through Helldprod Productions on August 7th.