Black Lion Records has the honour of presenting Ablaze My Sorrow’s upcoming opus, Among Ashes and Monoliths, their debut with the label. CD, cassette, and digital formats drop on 12th February 2021; A vinyl release will take place at a later date.

A familiar name in the melodic death metal arena, Ablaze My Sorrow came together in 1993 when Gothenburg’s own brand of death metal had just begun to take shape. The Falkenberg, Halland-based troupe would continue receiving accolades from the fans and the metal press outlets alike till the mid-half of the next decade with their appealing music and fierce live performances. Their 2006’s split up status finally underwent a change in January 2013 when the awaited reunion happened. Since this rebirth, the quintet released their fourth album, Black, and played a slew of memorable gigs and fests.

After four years of incubation, Ablaze My Sorrow announce their triumphant return with a new album. The fifth full length, entitled Among Ashes and Monoliths, introduces new vocalist Jonas Udd, whose aggressive rasp fits the passionate band to perfection. The other four members return intact from prior releases. Still fresh sounding in 2020, the band present us with an opus of impassioned self-reflection, tackling themes of depression and self-worth. Across twelve tracks, the band speak catharsis from experience, and the truth of their words is evident. Including speed/thrash metal energy, the veteran group, this time, brought more dynamism into their crafts. An underrated gem, the Falkenberg quintet once again let their emotional style of melodic death metal do the talking for them.

Vocals – Jonas Udd
Guitars – Magnus Karlsson
Guitars – Dennie Lindén
Bass – Anders Brorsson
Drums – Alex Kribensten



My Sorrow
Among Ashes and Monoliths
Black Waters
Her Cold Embrace
At the Graves of Giants
Dark Chasms
The Cavernous Deep
March of the Eldricht Spawn
The Day I Die
Frihet Framför Feghet