Greek death metal band Abyssus have perfected the art of playing pure, old school death metal circa the late eighties/early nineties with a thrashy edge. And, while revivalist bands are many, very few are able to do it in such a convincing manner  and with the complete passion and energy of these sons of Attica…

Starting off as a band playing a much faster, thrashier and crustier version of Obituary, Greek death metal band Abyssus have come a long way. Their music is now absolutely formidable; it’s impeccably structured and flawlessly executed without any compromises on the vision. The passion and spirit are still there but channelled brilliantly, in a far more mature and powerful setting, with a sound that they’ve honed to perfection using liberal elemental doses of thrash metal. While hearkening back to the glory days of the late eighties/early nineties, Abyssus do more than just revel in the recreation of that sound but imbibe elements unique to their music and create a compelling expression that not only does justice to it but sets standards on how it is to be done. To that effect, Death Revival, the band’s new album, will go down as an iconic album – where the style of classic death metal goes in this modern era.

Line up –
Konstantinos Analytis – Vocals
Panos Gkourmpaliotis – Guitar
Konstantinos Ragiadakos – Bass
Jan Westermann – Drums
Chris Liakos – Guitar


Death Revival track listing:
Metal Of Death
The Ten Commandments
Uncertain Future
The Beast Within
The Witch
When Wolves Are Out To Hunt

Death Revival is set for release on January 21st, 2022 through Transcending Obscurity Records.