A month ago, prog metallers Adamantra ended the ten-year silence with their An Unfinished Tale single, which now is succeeded by a new one called Treacherous Valour. This song is also found on the yet to be named third album. The track features Mikael Salo and Erik Kraemer on backing vocals.

Bass player Jukka Hoffrén shares few words of the backgrounds of both the single and the video: “This song is inspired by movies like Born on the Fourth of July and Rambo: First Blood. It is a story of a soldier who has been heavily wounded in battle. As he is lying in a military hospital in bandages, there is an enemy soldier lying in a bed next to him. Together they end up thinking, that even though only a moment ago they were trying to kill each other, now they both are striving only to survive. They do not wish any ill to each other.

This song also considers the feelings of former soldiers on how societies and countries, especially the U.S.A., have treated the veterans of wars in Vietnam and other countries. Even though they have served their countries and paid a high price for it, back home they have ended up as abandoned pariahs. The song is also dealing with those mental injuries that the terrors of war can cause to a human mind: traumas, states of fear and difficulties to process these matters.”


Tuomas Nieminen – Vocals
Panu Kiskola – Guitars
Jukka Hoffrén – Bass Guitar (Amberian Dawn & Coventhrall)
Chrism – Keyboards (James LaBrie & Simulacrum)
Mikko Sepponen – Drums