Anti-Pasti, UK82 punk vets, are back and, it has to be said, burning. Whilst most punk bands of their vintage are happy to tour to the nostalgia crowd – not that there’s anything wrong with that, you have to pay for your cider somehow – Derby’s finest have come up with an incendiary set of agit-punk for the 21st century, and it’s probably fair to say they’ve rarely sounded this good.

So what that there are no original members left? That hasn’t seemed to harm Napalm Death, and drummer Kev Nixon and guitarist Will Hoon have surely been around the band long enough to qualify as ‘proper members’…. But whatever the makeup of the band – and, as I write this, the band lineup is in turmoil again with the departure of vocalist GeZ Addictive – there’s no denying that Rise Up is one of the best straight-up punk records to have been released in the last decade.

Seriously, it’s that good. Not a second is wasted on fannying about, every song gets down to business right from the word go, every song contains a great chorus that will stick in your brain from the first listen, and the message behind the madness is as sound as a post-Brexit pound… This is punk as it should be – sincere, furious, angry, yes – but still listening to it is the most fun you can have with your clothes on.

The title track lays it down good and proper, letting you know what you’re in for over the next half hour, when the album ends with the tremendous Remote Access Denied; In between the band delivers ten more stunning anthems for doomed youth, each one hitting the mark with unerring accuracy and maximum impact. Freedom First, I See Red and Trouble With Me are all classics in waiting, but there really is no point picking out ‘standout’ moments. Wherever you drop the needle a perfect storm of punk power is waiting to erupt. Records like this don’t come along too often, so make sure you snap this up now. I wonder if they’d take me as their new singer?

Rise Up is out now.