Finnish extreme metal phenoms Anzillu – whose sound is punctuated by buzz-saw guitar riffs delivered with equal amounts of dexterous shredding and pummeling brute force – have recently signed a deal with label M-Theory Audio. The group have wasted no time and follow-up the slammin’ first taste they delivered – Needles (On My Nerves) – with a second assault of anthemic brutality under the guise of Trumpets Of War. You can watch the video below!

”Whereas the first single was straight up fast riff tornado, this second one is more heavier and shows some muscle behind the songwriting; but it does not equal slow and you might be surprised in the middle, so not monotonic either,” explains guitarist Jesse Kämäräinen. “I’m eager to see how people will react to it.”

Additional new music from the band’s debut album will be unveiled throughout the remainder of 2022 as they head into an early 2023 album release.

Though the band itself is new, the musicians comprising Anzillu are not inexperienced. The new group – whose name is inspired by the ancient Sumerian word for “abomination” – was formed in 2019 by guitarist Kämäräinen after the dissolution of his previous group Inkvisitor, which released two records of thrash-influenced extreme metal between 2015 and 2018. Kämäräinen had already demoed an album’s worth of new material at the time of that development, and went on to bring in a battery of fellow notables that had also been making their names within Finnish metal circles to form Anzillu. The searing vocal talents of Teemu Kemppainen (Argent Void), the thunderous bass of Rasmus Kantonen, and the death metal crunch of fellow guitarist Sami Katajainen (GAF) join Kämäräinen’s six-string powers to deliver a blistering assault of aural senses.

We’re excited to be working with Anzillu, as I was impressed with Jesse’s work with Inkvisitor and seriously considered signing them a few years back,” comments label boss Marco Barbieri. “Anzillu takes things to another level, while still thrashy it widens the depth being infectiously catchy with melodic undertones and shout-along choruses, yet is even more seismic and relentless. We hope you enjoy Trumpets of War as it was the one I immediately gravitated to upon hearing the album.”

The band – now armed with a full album’s worth of material and their collective metallic powers – honed the existing demos into their final form throughout the first half of last year, and entered Sonic Pump Studios in August 2021 with Nino Laurenne (Wintersun, Amorphis, Lost Society) behind the soundboard handling recording/mixing duties and Svante Forsbäck (Volbeat, Candlemass, Kalmah) mastering.