North Carolina’s superbly-monickered Ape Vermin have this week released a new lyric video for the title track from their new album, Sonic Monolith.

Watch the video in it’s twelve-and-a-bit minute entirety below!

Formed in August 2017 by singing guitarist Brett Lee (sadly not the former Australian Cricketer of the same name) and Charlie Burleson (percussion), Ape Vermin is a sludge metal trio hailing from Valdese, North Carolina that delivers progressive, primal and percussive grooves to the masses. Birthed from the same vein of doomy prog acts such as Conan, Sumac and Slabdragger, they are a treat for anyone who wishes to indulge in thick, tasteful riffs and a heavy, distorted overall sound.

Ape Vermin was the product of a dark rut that Brett Lee found himself in while between musical endeavours. Under the influence of the band Iron Monkey, Brett was inspired by the song Big Loader and under the hum of fluorescent lighting at a gas station in the middle of the night, things fell into place and the new project was named.

After enlisting the talents of Charlie Burleson and Jeb Laird (bassist/backup vocals), the band began writing and the debut album Sonic Monolith was released in June of 2018 with a great response. Citing that they, as a band, want to give listeners a a journey, they broach topics including astronomy, murder, occult, myths, apocalypse and extraterrestrials. Sonic Monolith is the story of higher beings with a malevolent plan to release a dangerous subspecies of ape with the ultimate goal of re-propagating the galaxy.

Not wanting to be constricted by the standards of the genre, Ape Vermin goes to great lengths to ensure their live live performances are powerful, epic and interesting. Brett further explains what can be expected when taking in the live band: “I like to put my guitar down, while our bass player keeps the thunder rolling, and let the feedback ring out, or I will have a riff looped in a looper pedal, and I will do tribal style percussion with my drummer.” Still a fledgling band, Ape Vermin continues to push their limits as musicians, and test different styles, genres and influence to further develop their sound. Focusing on sludge and doom, Ape Vermin likes to keep things spicy with nods to black metal and prog. With future plans to tour, and release more albums as well a comic book, Ape Vermin is looking forward to the future.