Russian trad metal institution Aria are back, and delighted to announce the impending release of a new live album/DVD package, entitled Guest From The Shadow Kingdom, which was recorded at the bands’ Moscow show at the VTB Arena in April as part of their ongoing Proklyat’ye Morey Tour.

The show was filmed by long-term band collaborator Yuriy Sokolov, and features the band in a action on a single three-level stage – with high-resolution LED screens reaching a height of nine meters – which was erected in the arena of the VTB Ice Stadium. The background of the stage was decorated with a six hundred square meter large screen. See the set in all it’s glory in the clip below, featuring the band in full flight on their Maidenesque magnum opus Curse of The Seas below!

The full set list from the show was:

Race For Glory
Kill The Dragon
Hero Of Asphalt
Era Of Lucifer
The Curse Of The Seas
Baptism By Fire
Point Of No Return
Let It Be 
The Calm
The Sky Will Find You
Night Shorter Than Day
Street Of Roses

Aria’s last studio album, Curse of the Seas, was released worldwide last year and came under the baleful gaze of Sentinel Daily Editor Scott Adams, who described the band in his review of the album as “cementing their reputation as purveyors of solid, traditional heavy metal in the style of old Gods like Iron Maiden, Helloween and Blind Guardian… This is heavy metal finished to a very high standard, and if the old school is your school then many delights reside within this album’s grooves”.

As a precursor to the Worldwide release of the album, the concert will be broadcast across Russia on National Television, before being made available at retail to the public.