Seattle natives Arisen From Nothing have pointed to a possible bright future with the release of this new EP. Modern metal they definitely are, but they employ enough old school techniques – you know, good playing, good songwriting, that kinda thing – to attain a sort of ‘best of both worlds’ state of metal grace that definitely marks them out as ones to watch.

First track Chaos is definitely the pick of the bunch, vocalist Jessie Brigham employing a variety of styles to maximise the song’s impact, and singing the proverbial arse off of the appealing chorus.

That’s not to say the other quartet of songs don’t all possess something to recommend them. They do, with lead guitarist Steve Pontius frequently providing superb contributions.

The field Arisen From Nothing have chosen to enter is huge.Consequently it’ll be tough for them to join its first division and the acts like Lamb of God and Machine Head who so clearly influence them. However they do enough over this extended play’s twenty minute duration to suggest the task isn’t beyond them. Nice work, and follow this up with a full-lengther soon please!

Arisen From Nothing release Broken through Collective Wave Records on September 29th.