True Cult Records is proud to announce the release of Αuriferous Flame‘s debut album  The Great Mist Within , scheduled for release on August 26th.

A new project by Ayloss from Spectral Lore and Mystras, Αuriferous Flame is according to its mastermind a vessel for some ideas explored with Mystras. “Αuriferous Flame is in a way a continuation of many of the ideas and music styles in Mystras, without the obligation of the medieval historical theme and folk music pieces.” Says Ayloss.

“The main goal of a project is a return to old school extreme metal aesthetics for inspiration, in particular of the darkest and most hostile kind of metal, a rejuvenation and a re-synthesis of styles no longer quite as prevalent, without falling into the same old trappings of the past, whether this is ideological bigotry or metal elitism.”

Greatly inspired by the atmospheric and frosty black metal from the nineties and early noughties, The Great Mist Within is a truly masterful album, perfectly balancing an equally epic and ominous atmosphere with venomous and ripping riffs, powerful blastbeats and devilish screams. New and old black metal enthusiasts will find much to love in this album, whether one’s taste leans towards the medieval and epic deluge of Bathory, the vile intensity of early Rotting Christ or the grandiose, fog-laden atmosphere of Summoning.

Voice Of The Gleaming Edge
Molten Gold
The Great Mist Within
Ancient Corridors
Mass of Ice