In the current market it is very hard for rock and metal bands to get a good label deal. Labels are very reluctant to sign new “smaller” or “less known” bands because of time consuming and expensive projects while the guarantees for labels to earn their investments back cannot be given in this turbulent market.

The Dutch rock/metal Netlabel Profane Records and rock/metal label Into The LimeLight Records have decided to work on a new concept together to facilitate bands to release their music.

Profane Records is a NetLabel specialised in releasing music under a common creative license for free. This is an online service where bands will be supported in publishing their music on free platforms, but with a lot of free publicity.

Into The LimeLight Records offers a number of pre-paid packages including physical and digital distribution, cd production and promotion. Of course LimeLight will also sign bands through regular contracts but these slots are limited.

“Offering these packages for a fixed fee will enable bands to use all our resources and they know exactly what they will get without going through a long negotiating process. Basically by using these packages bands pay for our time and products so we can offer in return a very good deal on royalties and percentages on sales. A win-win situation.” – Harm Kindt of Into The LimeLight Records.

“Bands that are interested in sharing their music without a paid package or a label deal, for example beginning bands, we can help distributing their songs on a lot of free online distribution channels. Therefore we help them release their music under a common creative license completely free” – Sven Stavenuiter of Profane Records.

If you are interested in a free or paid package, please check out both websites and send us your material. Unfortunately we cannot take everybody due to time and also quality standards of our labels, but we will listen to all material rock and metal related.