I am digging this. Most exceedingly. Hardcore-sludge metal. Black Cobra duo Jason Landrian (guitar/vocal) and Rafael Martinez (drums – and what fucking drums!) bring the lucky listener nine fat tunes that are a perfect mash-up of styles – and they make quite a bit of noise for a two piece outfit. Opener Challenger Deep has such chunky riffing that it somehow manages to convey the essence of hardcore while retaining enough of the sludge for the lucky recipient to distinguish between the two – and backed up by the brilliant drumming of Martinez, it’s very compelling. Somehow I’m reminded of SOD, DRI and a host of other bands from that particular period yet Black Cobra are wholly their own band. I love Landrian’s vocal delivery, which fits perfectly with its engaging vehemence.

The song which lends the album its name is going to make you smash shit up. In a good way. Again, the drums are shining; it’s hypnotic and it’s fat as fuck. I’m sure there are subliminal messages in there urging me to destroy things in some kind of violent splendour. I’m not even missing the bass (though obviously some thick bass action would be a bonus) – incidentally Jason uses his E string to full effect providing additional depth to the tunes. The opening to Fathoms Below is a fine example but there’s an almost funkish quality too with harmonics bouncing all over the shop. Science fiction bubbles (or so say my notes…) provide some mid-tune ambiance. The suitably unpolished production of the album only lends to its authenticity while the doomish elements that lurch forth will make you sway about like a tottering Goliath (The slow rhythms of Dark Shine had me reeling about the place, stumbling into furniture and elderly folk indiscriminately).

I’d definitely advise getting involved with this now…

Imperium Simulacra is out now on Season of Mist