Swedes Blister Brigade – as the name of this album seems to suggest – certainly know how to land a punch or two. And whilst they bring nothing new to the hard rock party in 2020, there’s enough material of merit on Slugfest Supreme to warrant the widespread attention of the heavy metal community.

They can certainly pen a decent tune – Damaged Goods and the semi-balladic Disintegrate are both among the best straight-up hard rock choons that my ears have come across recently; At the heart of this happy state of affairs is vocalist Gustav Lund, who has an incredibly versatile voice that seems to be able to cater for any mood the band wants to convey. His stock in trade is an interesting mix of former Accept man David Reece and a slightly less mad Hell Hofer of fellow Swedes Bullet. However when things get really manic an Axl Rose wail manifests itself, adding to the edge-of-madness thrill of it all in no uncertain terms.

Perversely the band has released one of the heaviest numbers on the record – Venomous Twister – as a single; clearly this isn’t a band intent on chasing easy-listening radio fans, but there’s an admirable method to that madness. VT is actually one of the best songs on the album, with Lund and fellow guitar slinger Cristoffer Strand trading riffs and solos aplenty whilst the rhythm section of Rickard Lundmark (drums) and bassist Anders Gustavsson set up a hellish crossfire of battering percussive heft as a bedrock.

But whether these boys are caressing the ears with tasty melodies or battering with the senses with heavy metal thunder, it’s clear that they are a class act. There are absolutely no weak moments on Slugfest Supreme, and I’d have no problem recommending the album to any Sentinel Daily reader – so come on ladies and gents… take a chance on Blister Brigade!

Slugfest Supreme will land on February 21st