Blood Money were arguably the ultimate NWoBHM cult act, playing frantic thrashing heavy metal at a breakneck pace like no one else.

This is the complete collection of all existing recordings by Blood Money. It features remasters of both of their studio albums, Red Raw And Bleeding and Battlescarred, plus demos and radio live tracks, and a scrapbook zine with photos and other materials. The demo/live LP and the zine are available in the box set only.

Being active during the latter days of the NWoBHM movement, Blood Money took more influence from speed metal bands like Agent Steel and the unpolished punk metal of early Venom than the classic rock groups and Black Sabbath that influenced their earlier NWoBHM brethren. Recommended for anyone into obscure but great eighties metal in the vein of Agent Steel, Carnivore, Venom, Piledriver, Savage or Tank.

Approved by the band, this is the last and perhaps the final word on Blood Money, containing every song the band left on tape during their short lifespan in the late eighties.

Complete Execution is available for pre-order now on a three LP Svart Records exclusive multicolour marble vinyl,  three LP classic black vinyl and a two CD edition. The studio albums are also available for purchase separately on natural/turquoise marble vinyl (Red Raw And Bleeding) and natural/red marble vinyl (Battlescarred). Release date is August 25th.