Broken Teeth vocalist Jason McMaster is something of a vocal every man, seemingly able to cope with anything the world of heavy metal throws at him, from down n’dirty hard rock (this), through loud and proud heavy metal thunder (Ignitor) to weird and highly unsettling progressive thrash (Watchtower). Today he’s got his Brian Johnson cap on, presiding over a fun and frolicsome half hour of hard rockin’ high jinx with his brothers in BT.

Even within the parameters of this album he’s all over the place, swapping rasping Johnsonisms occasionally for the classy sheen of primetime Great White Jack Russell (Borrowed Time could easily have been harvested from a studio tape of Once Bitten… outtakes), but everywhere the man shows once again that he a (Mc)master of his craft.

Opener Four on the Floor is an exciting rabble rouser which kicks off proceedings in just the right style, but the band take a chance immediately by dropping right down with the sleazy Sinful – and the gamble works. Despite its simplicity, the music on 4 on the Floor never gets old or seems samey, because the band knows just what to do to keep things interesting. House of Damnation is pure Powerage-inspired raunch n’roll of the highest order, whilst the unexpected but very welcome paean to Motörhead, Never Dead, is a greasy, patchouli-caked heads down heavy metal treat, right down to its Fast Eddie Clarke tributing solo.

Penultimate track All Day Sucker is pure bliss for fans of early eighties American hard rock, weaving a little Aerosmith into the mix, with McMaster giving a highly convincing ‘sandpaper throat’ masterclass.

If, like me, your interest in AC/DC pretty much ended at Flick of the Switch, you’ll welcome this album with open arms. Even if it didn’t it’s hard to see how you won’t love everything about 4 on the Floor. So get involved!

Broken Teeth’s 4 on the Floor is out now, released by the EMP Label Group.