A double live album from Swedish retro metallers Bullet! Whaddaya mean ‘why?’ Of course there’s no need for it. But if the world of heavy metal was governed by what’s right or, worse still, needful, we’d never have gotten past Deep Purple in Rock. Worse yet, Persian Risk would never have existed. So, ladies and gentlemen, settle back into your most comfortable of velour-covered buttock recipents – after stocking up with enough booze and snacks for this lengthy sojourn back into the eighties – adjust your studded wristbands, and prepare to enjoy!

Actually, there’s no point getting too comfortable, because just about midway through first track proper Storm of Blades you’ll be up and cavorting around your living room, air guitar in hand, a state that’s unlikely to change for the duration of the album – all seventy six denim-clad minutes of it…

If you’ve never heard Bullet, you’re in for a treat, as the band trot out every one of their well-worn schticks here for your sonic appreciation; it’s like a greatest hits album full of tracks that should be huge – Bullet are resolutely legends in their own lunchtime, of that there is no doubt- but will never really reach beyond the Euro club metal circuit – because unfortunately it’s 2019 we’re living in, not 1989.

So for your denomination of choice you’ll get, in return, the band’s full range of AC/DC-meets-Priest-meets-Accept-meets-Krokus fun and games, wrapped in a pugnaciously loud production that gives full vent to the incendiary guitar playing of the spectacularly-named Hampus Klang and the vocals – which can only fairly be termed Dirkschneideresque – of the only less marginally well-monikered Hell Hoffer.

If you are familiar with the Bullet ouvre, then no matter- you’re in for a treat too, as all your faves are here (actually not all mine are here – no Highway Pirates? Bah!), all reproduced faithfully yet with oodles of added extra zing and pizazz thanks to the live environment of the recordings. Even if you are in the limited confines of your own living room, it’s hard not to comply when Bullet enjoin you to Bang Your Head, and you’ll surely be all over the shop during such delights as Hammer Down and rampant closer Bite the Bullet.

The irony, of course, is that AC/DC, Judas Priest, Accept and Krokus are all still extant, just about, which surely makes the need for Bullet even less pressing. The fact that these boys currently wipe the floor in the live setting with each and every one of those big names of yore is a matter of some shame for all of us, as I am in no doubt as to the fact that they should be absolutely massive… in my mind these boys should most definitely be Heading For The Top – help me start to make that dream a reality by buying this record as soon as it comes out!

Bullet will release Live on July 5th.