Music and beer go hand in hand and so Sentinel Daily are super excited to announce the collaboration between Lymestone Brewery (based in Staffordshire in the UK) and one of our fave Brit rock bands, Burnt Out Wreck.

Available by the case, the seven per cent brew is described as “Twelve perfect beers to go with the perfect album, This is Hell“.

“When Claire (Moat, BOW manager) reached out to us to collaborate with the band to produce a beer, we were more than happy to get involved” says Brewer Ian Bradford. “We love the band and the album so it’s a real treat for us to be able to do this together”.

But beware – The beer is not for the fainthearted! Three powerful US hops dominate this monster of an American Pale Ale. From its crisp Maris Otter base to its massive hoppy finish this is a beer that will have you on the edge of your seat.

The beer was released for presale on the 25th September ready to be sent out on the 5th October. There are already plans to increase the range in the near future. Go HERE to order a case direct from the brewery now!

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