Chaotic Norwegian extremists Cadaver are back with another bakers dozen of tracks that can best be described thusly: ABSOLUTE FUCKING MAYHEM.

If you thought their last album, Edder & Bile, was an exhausting listen then you’d better get into training now because Age of The Offended is similarly testing on the stamina of the listener. The thirteen tracks may only way in at around forty three minutes in duration, but let me tell you it’s like running a marathon just sitting down and being battered by Neddo and his mate Dirk Verbeuren as they go about their business with malice aforethought.

Things go a bit weird when you realise they’ve brought TNT guitarist Ronni Le Tekrø along for the ride, but strike me if it isn’t his mercurial lead guitar presence that doesn’t add a Saturnine X-Factor to the band’s already compelling sturm und drang. Le Tekrø is a fully qualified Wiccan witch, by the way, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that absolute magic pours forth from his fingers, but all the same, his appearance here is as welcome as it was unexpected, and it turns a very good album into an absolute belter.

The Title track, Crawl of The and The Drowning Man are all bona fide top drawer compositions, but frankly if you ask me tomorrow I’ll probably point you in the way of Postapocalyptic Grinding or The Shrink; The point I’m trying to make is that there are literally no points during this album when you’ll find your enthusiasm flagging or you attention waning… Neddo maintains the rage from start to finish, and of course Verbeuren is one of the best drummers currently doing the rounds and in tandem with big Ronni and bassist Eilert Solstad they’ve come up with one of the best extreme metal albums you’ll hear all year. We’re living in dark times, and this would appear to be the perfect soundtrack…

Age of the Offended releases on July 21st.