Sentinel Daily faves, Cats In Space, are set to release a brand new single on September 20th 2016 to coincide with their first UK tour, kicking off around the same time and also featuring High Wycombe’s Space Elevator, and dubbed the Out of this World tour. The bands new single is set to be something quite sensational to tie in with what looks set to be a stormer of a double bill.

The band are releasing their version of the classic Slade song How Does It Feel on 7” vinyl only complete with picture sleeve, and available in both red and white vinyl. Continuing their trend for all things seventies, the band want to once again, take you all back to a time when the 7” vinyl was king, and something that every music fan treasured.

This release will prove the Cats are truly bucking the modern era of faceless downloads and streaming and offering the music fan something tastier than a bowl of Felix. But, if recording such an epic classic is not enough, they have also recruited none other than Thunder vocalist, Danny Bowes as very special guest co-lead singer!

Alongside Cats vocalist Paul Manzi the ‘duet’ is nothing short of magnificent. It’s power will put your windows in so be warned!

Danny Bowes says “I was hooked the first time I heard the Cats In Space album. I thought they were both mental and brave to make such an overtly seventies influenced album, and I loved it. The fact that it had great tunes and arrangements was the big fat cherry on the top. How Does It Feel is one of my favourite Slade songs, so when they asked me to sing on their version it took me a good second and a half to say yes. They’ve done a great job, and I’m chuffed to have made a contribution. How does it feel? That’s easy, it feels great (sorry, couldn’t resist the pun)”.

The B-Side is yet another cracker written by Greg Hart and 10cc’s Mick Wilson and is called Scandalous, a tasty sinister piano led romp very much in the style of vintage Queen.

Greg Hart comments “When Danny got in touch last year to say how much he loved our album, it was something of a surprise to say the least. I shouldn’t have been surprised when Danny agreed to do it, but with this being something he told me he hardly ever does, if at all, we were truly so grateful. But Thunder and Cats in Space, if they have a cross over band, we agreed that band would be Slade, so it just felt right to give it a go! We even have the thumbs up from the mighty Slade drummer Don Powell…’Nuff said…..”


See below to get an earful of the Cats playing How Does it Feel – sans Bowes – earlier on this year.