One of the most brutal, relentless and vital forces in extreme music, Cattle Decapitation will return to Australia in February! They will be joined by one of Australia’s most successful heavy acts, Psycroptic. Together, the pair are expected to form one of the deadliest tours of the year.

And, in exciting news, the band have now added a show in Perth! Making a massive tour even bigger! Monday, February 19 at Tetsuo is the date for your WA-Based diaries…

Delivering repeated sledgehammer blows at breakneck speed enables Cattle Decapitation to maintain their position at the most violent end of the death metal spectrum. However their most recent offerings have expanded their sound, allowing a little more melody in without losing any of their intensity. The brutality is underpinned by vocalist Travis Ryan‘s bleak lyrics. Lyrics that bluntly illustrate the fate of the human race if it’s allowed to continue pillaging and destroying the planet.

Cattle Decapitation are the soundtrack to savagery. A striking, unflinching reflection of the current state of humanity.

The local supports for all shows have now been locked and loaded, making one of the heaviest tours of the year even more brutal…

In New Zealand

Starting out in Auckland with a trio of New Zealand’s most brutal bands in the shape of Organectomy, Perditionist and Scorn Of Creation the Extinction tour begins with the utmost ferocity.

Christchurch will see their hometown extremists Organectomy head the charge with grindmasters Blindfolded and Led to the Woods and the no nonsense death metal dished out by Silent Torture. 

The final NZ show in Wellington will once again see Organectomy leading the supports, with death beatdowns provided by Depraved and some brutal tech death courtesy of Carnal.

In Australia

Melbourne will be treated to one of the nations leading melodic death metal acts, Hollow World and, very hot on their heels, melodic deathsters Aetherial.

Fans heading to the Canberra show will need hazmat suits as Inhuman Remnants deliver their vile beastly grind, while Wretch deliver some old school death-thrash.

It wouldn’t be a death metal show in Sydney without Daemon Pyre and joining them for a night of demonic terror are the aptly named Deiformity.

In Newcastle, The Seer are a perfect match and the logical choice with their stunning symphonic death metal whilst Blind Oracle are set to deliver their self proclaimed rumblin’ thunder.

Brisbane tech-death maestro’s Eternal Rest and straight up purveyors of modern metal Amicable Treason lead the way in the north.

The tour comes to close with an all assault on the good folk of Perth courtesy of Earth Rot, hardcore/death crossover act Unravel and the straight up metal of Dead Currency.