UK punk veterans Chelsea are this month returning with their eleventh studio album.

Mission Impossible will please the fans – it’s Chelsea doing that they do best, anthemic, powerful and catchy. Chelsea gave the punk movement many of its anthems, with their classic Right To Work (released in 1977 on the Step-Forward label)being an landmark single.

Mission Impossible is the follow up to Saturday Night Sunday Morning. Released in 2014, it was Chelsea’s first album in ten years, so the fans were ready for a new album. A killer line-up with James Stevenson from the first recording line-up and Nic Austin from the Evacuate period both on guitar. The album did very well and for the band’s fortieth anniversary record company Westworld released the Chelsea Anthology box sets of the band’s complete studio recordings & unreleased demos. All the studio albums were also reissued on limited edition coloured vinyl which got the collector fans wanting more.

With two years of killer festival appearances and growing show attendances this is a band on form. Full of energy and spunk, showing no sign of age. Chelsea may have been overlooked in the past, but that’s all over. If only all bands that have done the distance sounded this good with its main members still the key protagonists!

Mission Impossible? Not for these guys!

Chelsea 2017