New Wave of Traditional American Heavy Metal band Corners of Sanctuary (COS) announce their winter and spring show dates to promote the release of their upcoming new EP, Cut Your Losses and the next flavour in their signature craft beer line.

Cut Your Losses will contain four tracks including all new versions of Wild Card and My Revenge, along with two brand new songs, Tonight We Roll and Mind’s Eye. A music video for the EP is also slated to be released later this spring.

The EP, which will drop in late March on Exquisite Noise Records, USA, will be available on multiple online platforms as well as physical and downloadable formats exclusively at the band’s official website. As a preview, an MP3 of the track Wild Card is being made available as a free download.

A new version of Wild Card was done to coincide with the launching of our latest signature craft beer flavour also called Wild Card, said COS founder and guitarist Mick Michaels. “We are excited to continue working with our friends at Tuned Up Brewing Company here in Philadelphia to be able to make this available for our fans,” Michaels added.

“EPs are a good way to fill in the quiet times between full-length album releases,” stated bassist James Pera. “Metal Machine was released in 2015 and our next album, The Galloping Hordes, won’t release until sometime this summer. Makes sense… Plus EPs are a great way to keep the juices flowing for us and the fans,” Pera added with a laugh.

The new Wild Card brew line officially launches on March 11th and will be celebrated with a commencement event held at the Tuned Up Brewing Company’s Taproom in Spring City, PA. A live set performance from Corners of Sanctuary is also scheduled to take place.

The band has already kicked off the year with a bang playing a handful of shows which included a winter fest and directly supporting UDO on his recent Farewell to Accept show in Philadelphia at the famous Trocadero Theater.

“Our recent show with UDO was one of the greatest highlights of this band’s career so far… it was such an honor to be given that opportunity and in our hometown… it was surreal,” offered Michaels. “I love Philly… I love Chinatown… I love the Troc,” added lead singer Frankie Cross.

Upcoming performances include support for Saving Abel, Tim “Ripper” Owens, thrash legends Blood Feast, and Italian power metal import Savior from Anger among others.

“To be able to work with so many great bands is any artist’s dream… I know it’s mine. So much talent… so much inspiration,” said drummer Mad T. In between show dates, Corners of Sanctuary continues to work on their next album The Galloping Hordes which the band looks to release this summer. “This is going to be a much heavier album for us. But it’s also going to be a more musical album at the same time…We are leaving a lot of room for Frankie to do his thing,” said Michaels.