Hello and thanks for joining us! Firstly some boring admin stuff:Please identify yourself, and your role in the band! “My name is Mick Michaels and I play guitar and a little bit of keyboards now and again for Corners of Sanctuary“.

Thanks again for joining us. First question: What was the best album you bought this year? “Best brand new album would be the latest Arch EnemyWill to Power. I really enjoyed what they did… Normally I am not a huge fan of the growling/scream type vocals, but this album was solid and Alissa’s vocals are spot on. This was the first time the band used clean vocals and man can she sing”.

And what was the highlight for you personally in the last year? “For me there were two specific highlights… the first was opening for U.D.O. last February in our hometown of Philadelphia. It was amazing and surreal all at once. Having the opportunity to open for one of your metal heroes is what this all about. U.D.O. still brings it. The other highlight was most recently with the band doing its first West Coast tour in the US. This was a long time coming and definitely demonstrated to us that patience is a virtue but it was well worth the wait. We had a fantastic time and met so many great people”.

Away from the positives, what about lowlights? Who stunk the place out musically in 2017? “Musical tastes and interests are always changing. What you like today, you may not like tomorrow. As well as something you may have not cared for in your younger years has taken on a fresh perspective now that you are older. To me it is tough to say what constitutes something great… though I know what that means to me, what that might mean to someone else is something entirely different. As musicians and artists, we are all doing what we can to stay in the game and to remain honest to our craft. Not everything is going to be a homerun… but is that the goal? I guess it depends on who you ask. But for the artist, it is a matter of heart and a matter of being true to what they believe is best for their music”.

That’s the most profound answer we’ve received to that particular question! What have you found disappointing about the wider world in 2017? “All the discord… it’s very disheartening and can become overwhelming as the negativity keeps growing… and it’s not just the political arenas… it is everywhere… like the negativity has become a trend. I find myself more and more unplugging from things just to remain centred… Social media can definitely be a breeding ground… you know the saying, misery loves company… I tend to avoid those kinds of visitations”.

Too true, especially the social media bit! More positively, what’s on the cards for the band/you in 2018? “We are planning to release our new album The Galloping Hordes this coming year. We are currently in the studio now re-recording the vocals as we brought in a new singer this past August. The album had already been wrapped up but then as change in line up happened, we definitely wanted to get our new singer on the album. I am sure there will be a video or two to go along with supporting the album. We are also planning a few tours in the US which included a New England tour as well as heading back to the West Coast. Plus it appears we will be at some festivals in 2018. There’s a lot on tap. We always have a plan but often go with the flow… in this business it is not uncommon for things to change in a flash”.

Flexibility is the key! We’re coming up to the party season – what’s the better night – Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve? And what will you be drinking? “Christmas Eve is more of a family thing… a great time to get together to bond and enjoy each other’s company. .. it’s about sharing the magic. New Year’s Eve on the other hand is a time to let go and look to the future. I would say the more popular party night is hands down New Year’s Eve. Corners of Sanctuary will be performing this New Year’s Eve, so for most of the band, drinking will take place after the show… you’ll be able to spot me… I’ll be the long hair in the corner smiling at everyone drinking diet cola”.

Professional to the last! What’s the first thing that springs to mind if I say ‘Australian metal’? “AC/DC of course… even though I don’t think they ever considered themselves heavy metal. I also think of my buddy Stu Marshall from Death Dealer and Night Legion“.

The Night Legion album is certainly a bit of a stormer. Now, we’ve just started Sentinel Daily Radio – what five songs should every metal radio station have on its playlist? “DioRainbow in the Dark, AcceptBalls to the Wall, Judas PriestHell Bent for Leather, Iron MaidenNumber of the Beast, Black SabbathIronman“.

Anything else you’d like to say to the readers of Sentinel Daily? “First I would like to thank you Scott and Sentinel Daily for chatting with me… I appreciate your time and support. The opportunity to share with your readers is a privilege and is appreciated. Please check out Corners of Sanctuary and join us on Facebook Thanks for all the support – Happy Holidays and Make Your Merry Metal this Season!”

Thanks for taking part!