Another band from Chile for me to review, and another band releasing their first EP on tape. But whereas Praecognitvum are very much rooted in black metal mysticism, Santiago’s Crime are a much more gritty, everyday proposition.

They are also far more ‘normally’ heavy metal. With the three tracks featured – Highway Robbery, Give Your Life to the Ruin and We Shall Destroy – veering between straightforward Venom-meets-Motörhead proto thrash (the latter) and schlocky, sample-heavy horror metal (the former). We’re going back to the very roots of the death metal revolution with this release, which means there’s a very strong traditional metal influence running throughout first crime. In fact you could describe this release as trad metal on crack if you were so minded.

Give Your Life to the Ruin starts up with some very old school keyboards before giving way to a galloping riff mixed with raw, Teutonic vocals, the juxtaposition of which probably makes this the best track of the three, but all of the songs will appeal if you enjoy old school methods of brutality.


First Crime is Released on March 17th by Shadow Kingdom Records