Portuguese deathsters Crimson Bridge deliver a collection of heavier sounds mixed with melodic parts on new album In Pitch Black, resulting from the band’s shared passion for music and the cultivation of skills.

The Setubal-based band met after a Sepultura show, which, let’s face it, turned out to be a very good omen! When it comes to their mission, their message couldn’t be more honest and direct: “In general, we find that what we all bring to the band is the ability to inspire and push each other to the limits of what we can do and beyond. For us, this has always played an important role, as it strengthens our relationship as a band and enables us to keep innovating and being confident in trying new things. Even more important than that is the overall lighthearted mood. Although we take our art seriously, everyone is just having fun, bringing good vibes and goofing around. That’s when we believe we are the most productive”.

An ambitious band where the message and artistic value is as strong as their sound!

Into the Unknown
At the Cliffs
In Pitch Black
The Disheartened
As my Time Fades
Years of Doubt
Tragedy Befalls
Ruthless Tides
Fight for the Chance

Crimson Bridge Are:
Nuno Cruz – Bass
Bernardo Rebelo – Drums, Vocals (backing)
Renato Guerreiro – Guitars, Vocals
Henrique Simas – Guitars

In Pitch Black releases today (September 7th).