In 2016 Darren Phillips hosted a melodic rock radio show in his hometown of Sydney, Australia. His objective was to let the world, or at the very least, the local listeners know, that melodic rock was alive and strong and hadn’t disappeared completely, like it had on commercial radio airwaves.

During the life of the show Darren interviewed several artists from bands around the world. Inevitably the topic turned to songwriting, and with Darren being a songwriter himself, this often led to the sharing of demos or song lyrics. Collaboration ideas soon formed and the path was set for an entire album of songs.

Volume One was released independently on September 23rd 2017. It featured Robin and Mats Eriksson, Ben Webster, Enzo Almanzi, Robbie LaBlanc, Dennis Ward, Herman Furin, Dennis Butabi Borg, Michael Palace, Erik Heikne, Jace Pawlak, Australian glam rock band Sisters Doll, Phil Lindstrand, Andreas Gullstrand and had tracks mastered by Erik Martensson and Harry Hess. The album was an instant critic and fan favourite and went on to make several end of year top album lists.

Volume Two was inevitable and with song writing and collaboration well under way, word of it’s production soon gained interest from respected Australian label MR Records, with whom Darren signed with for it’s release.

Volume Two features several returning guest stars along with plenty of new faces and the result is another melodic rock masterpiece, with every collaborator delivering some of their finest performances.

Band Line-Up:
Darren Phillips – Guitars
Daniel Skeed – Guitars/Keys

Guest Artists:
Rob Wylde (Midnite City) – Vocals
Enzo Almanzi (White Widdow) – Guitars
Alex Waghorn (Cruzh) – Vocals
Philip Lindstrand (East Temple Avenue) – Guitars
Dennis Ward (Pink Cream 69) – Vocals
Anton Joensson (Cruzh) – Guitars
Bryce Mileto (Sisters Doll) – Drums
Robbie LaBlanc (Find Me) – Vocals
Xavier Millis (White Widdow) – Keys
Brennan Mileto (Sisters Doll) – Vocals
Chrisse Olsson (Crazy Lixx) – Guitars
Alex Strandell (Art Nation) – Vocals
Erik Heikne (Miss Behaviour) – Guitars
Dennis Butabi Borg (Cruzh) – Bass
Herman Furin (Work of Art) – Drums
Mikael Skafar (Arkado) – Drums
Patrik Svard (Sapphire Eyes) – Guitars
Jon Powers (Frozen Tears) – Keys

Volume Two releases on March 2nd.