The information used to describe Dawnbringer XX EP is “Like many funerals – it is sudden, solemn & brief, a dreamlike twist of old faces, bizarre incantations and false comforts. It meditates on the nature of death and the infinity of grief, as well as the visceral climax of a closed box being lowered into the ground forever.”  To me I find this description quite apt, because lyrically, the songs are describing a funeral, as the act is played out. This becomes evident to me through the song titles:

  1. Why Would You Leave Me
  2. Into The Maze
  3. North by North
  4. Earth
  5. The End of The Beginning

The EP clocks in at just on 20 minutes which is actually quite a decent length for the sadness of the subject.  Songs are made dark and brooding with some chanting in the background and you could easily imagine yourself in a scene from Vikings, as it just sounds the perfect backdrop for one of their funeral scenes.

The two longer songs Into The Maze and North by North are by far, the strongest of the EP.  Driving rhythm and distorted guitars provide an impressive and immersive backdrop to the mournful voice of Chris Black lamenting the end.  It reminds me a little of Opeth when they are singing only with clean vocals.

The rhythm section and guitar work is strong with flowing solos, licks and strong riffing on the next songs Earth and The End of The Beginning but these don’t stand out as strongly as the two main tracks, my suspicion as such being confirmed that they are the drivers with label asking to use them to stream in reviews (see below – ever-obliging Ed).

As a side note, I found it odd how the tracks finished rather abruptly leaving me feeling like I was missing something.

Dawnbringer‘s XX was released on 23 December 2016 and is available through Ektro Records.