Featuring former Torche man Andrew Elstner, Atlanta, Georgia’s Dead Now have carved out a tasty little piece of the stoner action for themselves with their debut five track EP.

There’s not a lot here that’s gonna shock seasoned fans of the fuzzed out, but the band do attack the job in hand with no little vitality and commitment.

The amusingly-named Ritchie Blackmourning is something of a tour de force, combining elements of desert rock and a tuneful vocal that gives a hint of Cheap Trick here and there courtesy of Elstner’s phrasing. Elsewhere the eminence grise that is Ted Nugent hovers in the background (especially on the monolithic Bird Leaf, whose careering, tumbling riff is a little bit akin to Basement JaxxWhere’s Your Head At, strangely enough), but thankfully the influences never totally overpower the actual songs.

Powershapes sees the band grinding out their heaviest metal, whilst final track Motorekt, which switches easily from chiming psychedelia to elephantine bludgeon and then back again, sees the band mashing up Jane’s Addiction, Warrior Soul and Hawkwind with scant regard for the consequences. Luckily, however, the consequences are pretty good…

Pleasant enough, then, and with enough on offer to suggest a full-length album would be most welcome, the immediate future looks bright for Dead Now.

Dead Now will be released by Brutal Panda Records on September 7th.