Beginning as a solo project by Galina Rin in 2017, Death Ingloria grew with the addition of drummer Luc Pomfret and Dr Mobius (bass) at the end of 2020. Each album by Death Ingloria delivers Sci-Fi stories accompanied by an animated comic. As well as being a regular on the UK and Ireland’s Comic Con scene, Death Ingloria have performed at London’s historic 100 Club, The Edinburgh Fringe and most notably in a three hundred and sixty degree, fifteen metre projection dome at Boomtown Fair festival in 2019.

Bringing the narrative alive through distorted guitars, dynamic vocals and haunting piano melodies, Death Ingloria II: Death By Admin is an emotional journey. I Accept This State delivers a poignant and deeply touching listening experience with powerful lyrics and beautiful instrumentation. From the energetic rhythms of Battle Stations through to the progressive and experimental Nuke The Site From Orbit, this Mini Album will leave you wanting more.

Death Ingloria explore a dark and intense narrative through an impressive array of musical styles. Traditional rock elements fused with creativity produce an epic combination of music, comic art and animated storytelling. Take a seat and prepare for a sensational tale that leads to the end of the world.

“Death Ingloria albums are more than just the music. More than the comic book story. More than the animations that connect them. They are true life experiences bound together and magnified upwards through a lens of Science Fiction. Why would anyone care about the lowly life of an office worker? You are already living that reality. Have you ever daydreamed the world away just to save yourself one more day of drudgery in a job you hate? In this new album we explore that very feeling to its inglorious conclusion. We bring you Death Ingloria II: Death By Admin. Let us imagine the worst, so you don’t have to.”

Death Ingloria II: Death By Admin releases on August 10th.