Montreal metalheads Demise of the Crown would appear to be on the verge of something quite special if this seven track self-titled slab of metallic brilliance is anything to go by. At the heart of this promise lies the adamantine voice of vocalist Darren Beadman who, on the evidence provided, could well be at the forefront of the next generation of metal vocalists.

Just treat yer ears to a dose of this release’s standout track, the heartstopping Cold Dead Eyes. Coming on musically like a monstrous amalgam of eighties faves like Icon, Leatherwolf and Savatage would probably be enough for most mere humans to aspire to for their listening pleasure; but when the resultant, surgically precise rapier strikes of grandiose noise are topped with the triumphant pipes of Beadman, well… it’s going to take you a goodly while to recover after listening to this, let me tell you.

Save Me is almost as good, featuring as it does some stupendous guitarwork from lead axeman Manuel Iradian, whilst leadoff track and seeming mission statement We Are Invincible will also have ‘em rolling in the aisles and frothing at the mouth wherever it’s heard at suitably ear mashing volumes. And I haven’t even begun to enthuse about closing track Eons… Suffice to say you’ll struggle to find better in this vein of music this year, believe me.

There really is nothing you can say about Demise of the Crown in the negative, save perhaps the fact that at only thirty minutes long it’s far too short; Let’s hope that enough of you out there dip your hands in your pockets to ensure these boys get to record another, hopefully much longer, album soon. You know what to do!

Demise of the Crown is out now