In an industry crumbling under the weight of a crisis, Desecrator are here with something to believe in.

Hailing from Australia, a country known best for heavy drinking, hard living and, well… Mad Max, Desecrator have cut their teeth on many years of live touring and strict heavy metal song writing.

The band’s new album, Summoning, is best described as a backwards sounding, yet forward moving statement in heavy metal. An album that challenges the bands thrash metal roots but reinforces their dominance in this field. A diverse cross section of song writing maturity, shown through tonal light and shade, rhythmic refrain and a greater focus on the song and its destination.

How good is heavy metal? That’s not a question but a statement – and a statement Desecrator make well.

Summoning Track Listing:
Raise the Dead
Hate at First Sight
Belly of the Beast
Beg, Steal or Borrow
Wipe the Slate
A Light in the Dark
Smoke ‘Em If You Got ‘Em
The Devil You Know

Summoning releases on August 27th.