Three new tracks and a cover of one of their own old dependables; It’s not a full-blown release from Deströyer 666, but it’s a very palatable one nonetheless.

Essentially reinforcing what they did on 2016’s Wildfire opus, Call of the Wild sees D666 further refining their bestial assault, without really surrendering any of the base filth and fury that makes us love them so much.

Violence is Golden makes for a suitably aggro opening statement, and this is backed up by the similarly violent if slightly less memorable Stone by Stone. However the EP steams into top gear on the title track, which is a full on assault on the pleasure receptors, as surprisingly melodic as it is grittily satisfying. I’ve racked my brains and I can’t think over any other track that this band has committed to tape that is quite so, shall we say, ‘accessible’.

Indeed it might be a bit too lightweight for some long term acolytes, but not me. I bloody love it. However more traditional service is returned by the revisitation of Trialed by Fire from 2006’s Terror Abraxas EP.

This is Deströyer 666 at their elemental best of course, wielding the axe in frankly glorious berserker style, throwing all those by now well-known influences into the cauldron and emerging with a delicious broth of black thrashing delight. You know what you’re going to get, for sure, but why should that matter? Just by this gorgeous little nugget as soon as you can.