Renowned singer, songwriter, musician and creative genius Devin Townsend is presenting three free online lectures next week, entitled:

How to Develop Creativity and Excel as a Succesful Independent Songwriter in a Changing Industry

During the presentation Devin will discuss…

Why music is the result of the process and not the process itself.

How to learn to understand your own creative limitations.

How ones creative drive is primarily subconscious.

Why you shouldn’t be afraid to be vulnerable with your art.

Why you shouldn’t fight yourself – rather surrender to the creative process.
Devin Townsend was discovered by Steve Vai as a 19 year old and sang on Steve’s acclaimed Sex & Religion album. He then went on to found seminal metal band Strapping Young Lad as well as his namesake act The Devin Townsend Project. He has written, recorded and produced over thirty rock, metal, progressive, ambient, and new age records.

The masterclass, hosted by Rodney Holder of, is running in three different time zones, including:

Sydney – Sunday January 15th @ 12PM

Los Angeles – Sunday January 15th @ 12PM

London – Monday January 16th @ 6PM

To peek into the creative mind of one of the world’s modern creative musicians, register for any or all of the lectures for free at