According to Rolling Stone Magazine, a hologram of heavy rock legend Ronnie James Dio will shortly embark on a World Tour, with some European dates already confirmed for later this year.

The holographic Dio, sadly not backed by similarly-deceased legends of the calibre of, say, Lemmy and Gary Moore, will front a band of Dio band associates such as Craig Goldy (guitars) and drummer Simon Wright, who also doubled up as a part-time gardener for the great man at his home in Los Angeles many years ago…

Sensing a tsunamic disturbance in the metal force as the news broke, Sentinel Daily immediately sent trained carrier Pigeons to all corners of the globe to court reaction from fans both well-known and obscure. Sentinel Daily’s own Michael Stronge confessed to a morbid curiosity in the whole venture, and said he would attend a show if only ‘to see if they can make him any taller’, whilst other SD scribes Ferry Templeton and Gavin Strickmann both gave flat and expletive-ridden answers in the negative when asked if they’d be attending.

Others were quick to respond to our simple question: “Dio hologram world tour? Yes or No?”

Jeff Tandy, frontman of Texan crossover veterans Birth A.D. was perhaps the most vociferous in his condemnation:””It wasn’t much of a transgression to create a holographic performance of a dead rapper, because popular music is, for the most part, insubstantial and illusory by design. To apply this mechanism to Dio and his legacy is at best cynical, and at worst, totally depraved. This is metal we’re talking about, and the only illusion we ever wanted was to see was a 5’4″ man become 100 feet tall through the sheer power of his voice. The way to stop this, of course, is to refuse to attend. Don’t give these ghouls your time, money, or attention. Make them lose big on this, and then it will never happen again, at least not in our territory. Let’s send a message that we are not as superficial or gullible as the producers of this travesty seem to believe. It won’t hurt Dio’s memory; it will simply hurt those who would endeavour to defile it”.

Strong, but sensible words, which seemed to be backed up by everyone we canvassed, apart from one respondent who we don’t feel mean enough to unmask at this point.

Australia’s “Mr Heavy Metal”, head honcho of the Steel Assassins Music Festival and owner of the Metal Evilution imprint, Dave Balfour had this to say: “I wouldn’t attend. I think it’s fake and unnecessary. Let the guy rest in peace. He is honoured every time a Metalhead throws the horns”.

Across the world Jim Parsons, video producer/director responsible for the Big Four Live in Sofia extravaganza, asked who would be providing the music. When told who he answered “One hundred per cent no. Without Vivian Campbell Dio’s musical magic evaporated”.

Top Australian media identity Andrew Haug weighed in with these well-chosen thoughts: “Folks can just you tube the past and weep if they weren’t there”.

A harsh but undoubtedly fair response. Clovenhoof bassist Lee Andre Payne gave us his take on the whole thing: “To me, personally speaking, the great man will live forever with his amazing music. He doesn’t need a hologram going around… it isn’t the legend himself performing. So it smacks of ‘lets cash in’. Just listen to the fantastic music he left us and watch the DVDs instead”.

Do we see a pattern emerging here? Australian PR guru Chris Maric reinforced this thus: “I think its literally soulless, the performance isnt in the moment and you might as well watch a dvd!”

Elsewhere correspondents were no less adamant if a little less wordy. Neuronspoiler vocalist JR Vox simply exclaimed “God no no no to the Dio hologram!” whilst October 31/Deceased alumnus King Fowley merely answered “no holograms’.

Record producer Simon Efemy was more charitable in his thoughts: “l think it’s a nice idea but when you have seen it for real, it’s pointless”, whilst a sombre Dept. of Gloom bassist Leeno Dee summed matters up sadly: “Nothing is really sacred any more these days is it… no, I would rather just listen to the records and watch video. It’s pretty much just about making a lot of money for someone…”

Dio Returns Tour Dates Announced Thus Far:

November 30 – Helsinki, SUO – The Circus
December 3 – Stockholm, SVE – Fryshuset
December 4 – Oslo, NOR – Rockefeller Music Hall
December 6 – Warsaw, POL –  Progresja
December 13 – Barcelona, ESP – Bikini
December 15 – Santander, ESP – Escenario Santander
December 17 – Bucharest, ROM – Arelene Romane
December 20 – Antwerp, BEL – Trix
December 21 – Tilburg, NED – 013