After the immense success of the Direct Underground Fest in the past two years, 2019 will see the return of the mini-festival bringing together again some of the best and darkest bands in the heavy music realm. Soundworks Direct have created a lineup that aims to appease anyone that digests the extreme metal form!

Headliners Dark Funeral are without a doubt one of the most notorious and highly regarded acts of the black metal genre. They epitomise the dark essence that is and always will be at the true heart of the European scene. Lord Ahriman continues to wave the flag of Swedish black metal with the Dark Funeral crusade. Where many would have, and do fail, Ahriman and Dark Funeral continue to prevail.

Comments Ahriman: “Australia! It’s been a long time since we last met. Did you miss us? We sure as hell have missed you! Lots of things have happened since our last visit in 2012. We have a new and absolutely crushing lineup, but most importantly, we have the new album Where Shadows Forever Reign in our repertoire! We have been bringing shadows all over the world the last years and now it’s finally time for you there in the land down under to get to enjoy it on stage. Mark September in your calendars and get your tickets now! Let’s make the earth tremble under our feet!”

Immolation has been an innovative and uncompromising force in the extreme death/black metal underground scene for over thirty years. With a dark approach to the enormously heavy genre they revel in, Immolation return to Australia to crush all to dust!

Abramelin are arguably the pioneers of death metal in Australia having released two of the most intense and savage recordings in Aussie heavy metal history in Transgression From Archeron (1994) and the self titled Abramelin (1995). Expect no mercy.

Christ Dismembered hail from the darkest corners of South Australia. Their intense brand of blackened filth mixed with a chaotic and atmospheric live performance continues to shock and stun audiences and they only grow more fierce as time progresses.

Rounding out the lineup, Reaper are maniacs from Melbourne discharging an uncompromising, raw and dirty thrash/black metal attack!


Dark Funeral, Immolation, Abramelin, Christ Dismembered and Reaper

September 6th – Sydney, Crowbar

September 7th – Melbourne, Max Watts