Brit rockers Doomsday Outlaw follow up their hugely successful release of Suffer More with their new video for the single Bring You Pain.

Bring You Pain‘is a foot stomping monster rocker, heavily infused with blues and huge riffs and guaranteed to get the party started. If you like your rock big, bluesy and brash then this is a must!

Bassist Indy Chanda had this to say:
“The song’s about everyone who’s had a beautiful relationship implode on them and dealt with it in, perhaps, not the healthiest way – by going out and making questionable decisions and being a bit of a dick. But rather than make it miserable and angry – we decided to hitch it up to a neck-snapping blues stomper and celebrate the fact that you sometimes need to let off some steam!”

Sentinel Daily‘s own Gavin Strickmann brought this to our attention being a big fan of the band: “They’ve got that classic Brit rock sound, made even bigger by vocalist Phil who’s voice reminds me of Airrace‘s Keith Murrell… In fact I think he could be the best British vocalist in this vein since Keith!”

Praise indeed!