First of all, let me apologise. The Dreadful Fate EP/Demo The Sin of Sodom has been out for about six months now. I missed out on reviewing it at that time because of all manner of boring circumstances. Then it came out just before Christmas again, given a well-deserved vinyl reissue by Edged Circle Productions. I meant to review it again… and another set of reasons why I didn’t sprung into existence. (Get on with it- Ed).

Anyways, we’re here now. So let me waste no more time in reporting that The Sin of Sodom is one of the most ripping ways to spend nine minutes and twenty eight seconds that I can think of, off the top of my head. These blokes may hail from Sweden, but their veins bleed pure Teutonic blood, much of it possibly transfused from Tom Angelripper

There’s no originality here, naturally. However there is an awful lot of pure, unadulterated thrash. Blackthrash even. Opening up with the title track, a bass-heavy romp that will unavoidably bring to mind very old Destruction, the band let rip and don’t calm down until the end of last track Tormentor which is, of course, a Kreator cover. Sandwiched in the middle is perhaps the best track, Unholy Lust but trying to decide which is best is really pointless as everything will tantalise your thrash receptors if they’re set to Germany 1985. Great stuff.

The Sin of Sodom is out now.