New Jersey natives Dying Light are about as straight-down-the-line as you can get; however on their new album Far From Life they prove time and again that the simple approach is often the best one, especially when you operate at the sort of level that these guys can clearly cope with.

The sound they create on this record is at once a little dated yet strangely timeless; A sort of late-eighties, early-nineties hybrid where muscle and melody are just as important as one another. The guitars of Jim Haldenwang and Doug Edwards provide the muscle, whilst lead vocalist Jeff Ross and bassist and backup singer Chris Fritz take care of the melody in often spine tingling fashion. When all of the elements click, as they do on Follow You, a sort of Alice In Chains with Slayer undertones arse kicker of some merit, you sense this is a band that really knows it’s core sound and, more importantly, how to capture it in as accessible way as is possible.

Mercy is another corker, a bit reminiscent of fellow American unknowns Harnish, whilst penultimate track Sweet Death, features the sort of  agile, everyman appeal that bands like Alter Bridge and Hinder used to display in their heydays.

Although they only formed in 2019, these guys have clearly been around the block a few times as evinced by the assured manner in which they’ve put this album together. Nothing has been left to chance here, with every last detail, every harmony, every roll around the kit from drummer Shaun Dilliplane placed in order to achieve maximum effect. Younger Sentinel Daily readers may find it a bit staid, but if you were around at the time from which these guys so clearly draw from for inspiration then there’s a fair chance this could be on heavy rotation on your playback device of choice pretty soon. And deservedly so.

Far From Life releases on January 28th.