Australian gig goers have become used over the past few years to hearing tales of dodgy promoters letting bands down, leaving musicians high and dry at airports or running off leaving mountainous bills unpaid but the boot was announced to be on the other foot today when Soundworks Touring announced via their Facebook page that US death metal outfit The Faceless, already two days late for a tour which started here in support of The Black Dahlia Murder on May 9th would not now be making any dates on the trip at all.

They ran this statement: “Due to complete incompetency by the band and their management, and with a total lack of respect for Soundworks Touring, and more importantly their fans, The Faceless have this morning officially cancelled their entire Australian and New Zealand tour. Over the past week we have been continuously lied to, misled and left in the dark as to the whereabouts of the band since their first scheduled appearance on May 9th.

We at Soundworks Touring have done everything in our power to bring the band here for these shows, but The Faceless have been completely unprofessional in their behaviour and this cancellation is 100% solely their doing.

To any disgruntled fans who wish to voice their opinion on this matter, we at Soundworks Touring are more than willing to put you in direct contact with the band and their management so they can address your questions. In the meantime feel free to express yourself on the bands official facebook page.

We apologise to fans for the cancellation and wholeheartedly share your disappointment, but as mentioned previously, this has been 100% out of our control. The rest of the tour package will continue as is and we hope you still enjoy the amazing show The Black Dahlia Murder, Putrid Pile, Whoretopsy and Unravel are displaying.
Yours in all sincerity, Brad and Dysie, Soundworks Touring“.

Perhaps coincidentally, the band’s frontman Michael Keene was a no-show for an interview with Sentinel Daily last month, although no indications came from The Faceless camp at the time that any problems were anticipated; In a statement made to Sentinel Daily to augment the Facebook announcement, Soundworks spokesman Glenn Dyson had this to add: “In the 13 years of running Soundworks we have never had to deal with such a debacle at this level of international touring. It’s been incredibly difficult, as we had no information for the fans and fans rightly deserve answers as do we. Even now on The Faceless Facebook page there is still no apology whatsoever to their Indonesian, Perth or Adelaide fans from the cancellation of those shows day by day. Shows they just don’t give a shit to anyone. Disgusting”.

For those not bothered about seeing The Faceless in action, the tour continues tonight in Brisbane before moving on to Sydney tomorrow (Friday) and finishing on Saturday in Melbourne.