Victorian power trio Fight the Sun make an immediate impact with this debut EP, immediately signalling a long-term viability of the kind which should see them ready to storm the alt.rock pantheon in a few years time.

Riffy, groovily propulsive rock n’roll is the order of the day; US band Torche come to mind a few times as wave after wave of grungy riffwork washes over the ears, whilst third (and best) track Otherside half inches the intro to the Beastie BoysSabotage and uses it for its own, similarly gratifying ends.

Drummer Jamie moves the whole thing with a rhythmic punch that many aspire to but few pull off with such fire and, crucially, skill. It’s the constant throb of the floor toms that moves this riff monster forward, and keeps the listener connected through the repeated body blows they deliver.

Unknown recalls a dozen Brit garage bands of the late nineties, none of whom made the grade; the whiff of success that already surrounds Fight the Sun points to this band hopefully not meeting with the same disinterested fate. Apparently the band has a lot more material in it’s arsenal- the press release accompanying this four tracker suggests a fair few tracks failed to make the cut on the way to release – but if they are even half as good as what’s on offer here then I’d like to hear them. Compelling stuff!

See Fight the Sun Supporting the Release of their new EP at the following dates:

Friday February 23rd Valve Bar Sydney

w/The Great Awake, Whispering Jackies, Vetty Vials and the Sandpit Turtles and Operation Ibis.

Saturday February 24th Old Bar Melbourne

w/As A Rival.

Friday March 9th Rics Bar Brisbane