Hailing from deep within the Austin, Texas rock scene come FireWalkWithMe.  The guys deliver an unheralded gem in the form of their new album, The Eternal Black Rainbow.

Who is FireWalkWithMe?  It is four of Austin’s finest: songwriter Ricardo Mendezand Jason Westbrook have been repping the Austin music scene via one of the heaviest bands in the last decade, High Watt Crucifixers. Westbrook met Christian Kyle, while playing in CMJ Top 20 band Schatzi, with the band being all tied together by drumming legend Jason Reece from one of the city’s finest exports ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead. Drawing from their rich history, the group deftly weave alt-rock and art-rock, noise and nuance, punk and poise, into nine songs that show exceptional depth in both their construction and performance.

It’s not often I hear an album and can’t think of anything to be able to compare to so I can give people of an idea what to expect.  This album is one of those rarities that I can’t peg it to another band.

The Eternal Black Rainbow is a no-nonsense rocking effort, with an abundance of great riffing, bluesy licks and a rhythm section that drives the songs along at a rate of knots.  Kicking off with a slow building This is How It Ends Intro that hints at what is coming and asks the listener “How was your day?”  If the first track hinted at what you were getting with FireWalkWithMe, then the next track, A Tired God Looks On shows the band at full bore.

For me though, there is no song that stands above the other, all of the songs are strong.  If I had to pick an absolute favourite, it would probably be the slowest track on the album Swallowed By The Sea.  I have had this album on so many times now and with each listen I find new points of interest in it.

The album was recorded by Charles Godfrey (Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Swans, Beach House) and will be released on 16 August 2019. Do yourself a favour and give it a listen, there is plenty there to make you want to come back and listen again and again.

FireWalkWithMe is:

Ricardo Mendez – guitars/vocals/songwriter

Christian Kyle – guitars/backing vocals

Jason Reece – drums

Jason Westbrook – bass guitars



  1. This Is How It Ends Intro
  2. A Tired God Looks On
  3. Before I Disappear
  4. Song About Death
  5. Ships of Antikythera
  6. Still Life In Photography
  7. My Roots Deep Within The Earth
  8. Swallowed By The Sea
  9. This Is How It Ends Outro