When I reviewed Volume 1 of Five Finger Death Punch’s (FFDP) Decade of Destruction I noted that there are a lot rabid fans and a lot of haters. That hasn’t changed but the band doesn’t care about the haters they just keep moving on and producing music that a hell of a lot of people like.

Fresh off February 2020’s highly acclaimed eighth Studio album F8 they just keep rising. Their current single from F8, A Little Bit Off  hit #1 at US Rock radio for 4 weeks, and earlier in August the band were voted Best Live Act 2020 at the (AIM) Association Of Independent Music Awards 2020, a testament to their outstanding arena shows and live production.

I must admit I was surprised that there was another release of Greatest Hits out so soon after their album release, but in this COVID 19 world where bands can’t get out on the road and tour, getting music out keeps people’s hopes up.

The new release covers a good number of the hits that FFDP have produced over the years and the bonus is they are all on the one album. There are also four previously unreleased songs on here and this is what I will focus on. The third track on the album is the previously unreleased, Broken World. A song with really aggressive sounding verses across the top of fast and furious riffing before the chorus rings out with Ivan Moody’s harmonious voice. The solos are intense and the song finishes off in typical FFDP style, speeding up before an abrupt stop. This is a song I can listen to a few times easily.

Fourth last on the album is the magnificent Wrong Side of Heaven, this time as an acoustic number. It is complete with an orchestral strings sound throughout the verses and more keys during the chorus. While it is quite a decent version, I find myself liking the original better. I just find that this version just doesn’t have the same flow, it feels a bit more patched.

Second last is Wash it All Away (Josh Hahn Remix), I really liked the original version on Got Your Six. This version just sounds to be missing the grind of that original, the remix just sounds like it has had a tinny drum track put over the top and the guitars removed. I’m afraid it doesn’t resonate with me at all.

Finally we come to one of my favourite tracks from this band in Bad Company. This is the The Five Finger Dim Mak Steve Aoki Remix and I am a bit worried given the last remix that went before and quickly my fears are realised. What was an amazing song has been turned into a soulless funky techno sounding imitation. I am not happy with who thought this was a good idea.

FFDP make some great music and you will find that on this greatest hits album, however my own personal view is that the remixes should be banished and never be heard again. This is because in my view they do not represent what FFDP is about. Most fans will have all the tracks on this album anyway – with the exception of Broken World which is a great song but I’m not sure even the fans will like what has been done with the remixes.

Decade of Destruction v2 is out on November 20, 2020 through Better Noise Music.