Five Finger Death Punch (aka 5FDP) have produced a lot of rabid fans and also a lot of haters.  I came across the quintet based in Las Vegas over the last few years and find myself somewhere in between those extremes, liking a good portion of their work.  The band has had quite a number of big hits over the years having released several albums to multi-platinum success.

Having formed in 2005 but releasing their first album in July 2007, this compilation album is a look back at some of their biggest hits alongside some new tunes specially recorded for this release.  For me it is a pretty decent coverage of what 5FDP is about.  5FDP have a very distinctive, powerful sound comprised of grooving riffs, pretty cool solos -delivered by Zoltan Bathory and (former Hilary Duff sideman) Jason Hook), backed by big heavy bass lines (Chris Kael) and blasting drumbeats (Jeremy Spencer).  Throw it all in with Ivan Moody’s soaring vocal capabilities put beside feral growls you can always tell a 5FDP song.

The first new track Trouble, is typical 5FDP fare with that distinctive sound.  Accordingly, it has been well received and peaked at number 1 on the iTunes Metal charts.  Moody’s vocal range, from growling visceral tones to amazing melodies suit a wide range of songs and it is no different with this track.

When 5FDP undertake a cover, they give it their own treatment, in effect they “Death Punch” it -see The AnimalsHouse Of The Rising Sun.  Once again this is the case with their cover of The Offspring’s Gone Away which has been slowed down significantly to ballad pace that allows Moody to showcase his melodic ability without losing the 5FDP powerful sound.

Overall there are sixteen tracks on the album, comprising some of their biggest hits from The Way of The Fist’s leading single The Bleeding through to their latest “number 1” off Got Your SixWash It All Away.  For those who haven’t heard much of the band it is a good introduction and covers most of the songs that I have found to be more accessible throughout their career all in one album.

Five Finger Death Punch – A Decade of Destruction was released on December 1 through Eleven Seven / Sony Music Australia.

Track Listing:

  1. Trouble
  2. Gone Away
  3. Lift Me Up
  4. Wash It All Away
  5. Bad Company
  6. Under and Over It
  7. Wrong Side of Heaven
  8. House of the Rising Sun
  9. I Apologize
  10. The Bleeding
  11. Jekyll and Hyde
  12. Remember Everything
  13. Coming Down
  14. My Nemesis
  15. Battle Born
  16. Far From Home