After listening to Frankenbok‘s new album numerous times I’ve come to the conclusion that Vicious Lawless isn’t for the ‘everyday’ Bogan. It’s more an album for those ‘Heavy Metal Connoisseur’s’ who appreciate insane time signature changes, songs that incorporate so many sub-genres of metal I’ve forgotten how many times I had to double check the device I was listening to check it was the same song playing and it hadn’t changed to the next song. This is an album of pure brutality, insane riffs and pure musical genius that showcases the member’s musical capabilities to the extreme.

Normally when I write a review I choose a few songs that really stuck out for me and focus on those purely so the review doesn’t become 2000 words long. It was almost impossible to do this because each song is so different and because my own love of technical music is so broad each and every song on this album spoke to me on different levels. I also try and pick a song that maybe was weaker than the others or lacked something – that doesn’t exist on this album at all, unless of course you chose this album to listen to because you only like blast beats or straight forward speed or thrash metal.

The first two tracks on the Album Stalker, Stalker and Drive it into the Ground build up the anger and strength of this album and again, now, while I’m sitting down writing this, instead of jumping around my bedroom head banging I’m wishing I was in the middle of a mosh pit instead of sitting in front of my computer. Which leads me into my favourite songs on the album (only just though!)

The third track on the album Lost Rituals of a Corporate Psycho is a short introduction to the fourth song Voodoo, Inc and it instantly made me think of the band Nile and New Zealand band Scaphist and I LOVED it – it’s largely percussion with vocals and ambient noise but listened to with Voodoo, Inc’ straight after it, it is GENIUS!

Voodoo, Inc is totally different from the first two tracks on the album and the first time I listened to it I thought ‘oh they are getting serious now’ and from here the album continues to build and test the listener as each song is so different. I love the vocals at the start of the track  -they are very reminiscent of Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson and other artists who introduce themes of the occult into their music. The track soon evolves again with some of the best rhythm sections I’ve heard in metal – bass and drums are always what I listen for in any song and that is why I think of this track as being my favourite one. This is also the first track to introduce complex time signature changes and as a whole the constantly changing vocal styles and instrumentals combine to make this a genius piece of musical abilitiy.

If Guitar solos and cleaner vocals are more your thing then the fifth track Lifeline (Give Them Enough Rope) is the song for you. But of course it’s Frankenbok so these are cleverly mixed into guttural growls, blast beats and almost funky bass lines which is why it’s a stand apart song. This song covers all the other subgenres of Metal that the first 5 haven’t covered, complete with complex timing inbetween the blast beats and double kicks, I love the drums in this song so much I have to say the drum line in Lifeline is my favourite drum line on the album and how the song ends – it will tear your face off!

If you want to test your musical listening abilities and love your music a bit more technical then this is an album for you. Frankenbok are taking Vicious Lawlessness on the road in August and September and I only wish it was coming across the ditch to New Zealand too! It kicks off on the 19th August at the Evelyn Hotel, 25th August at the Bald Faced Stag in Sydney, 1st September at the Boston in Perth and finishes on the 2nd September at The Edinburgh Castle in Adelaide. Do yourselves a favour and get your hand on this album and if you’re lucky enough to live in one of the cities where they are touring – GET THERE!