Self-admitted heavy metal and comics fanatics Frenzy -fronted by U.S. born singer Anthony Stephen -have successfully created a fresh approach to the traditional metal style accompanied by great lyrics focused on comic books and graphic novels such as Daredevil, From Hell, The Killing Joke, Silver Surfer, X-Men, and others.

This band truly is the perfect union of heavy metal and comics, combining the “larger than life” and epic aspects of heavy metal with those of the comic book classics, as well as the urban culture common to both worlds. Those elements together form the Frenzy universe.

The graphic work of Mike Mora (Heavy Metal Magazine) and Javier Pastor (Evil Rite) on new album Blind Justice is the perfect match for this music, resulting in a holistic listening experience.

Born in Madrid in 2015, the Spanish heavy metal band Frenzy released their debut Lethal Protector EP in 2016, receiving great feedback and praise at the time from press and fans alike. They have played all over Spain, Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands since then, including prestigious festivals like Harder Than Steel, Pounding Metal Fest, Heavy Sound Festival and Heavy Metal Maniacs, to name a few.

The band’s new album, Blind Justice, features eleven tracks of unreconstructed heavy metal thunder and is released via the good offices of the Underground Power Records label on February 4th. We’re all over it here at Sentinel Daily, of course, and you can expect a full review from our very own comic character Ferrum Templor in the very near future!

Frenzy is:

Anthony Stephen: Vocals
Angel Muñoz “Choco”: Bass
Víctor Díaz: Guitars
Luis Pinedo: Guitars
David Ontanaya: Drums