Geneva three piece Future Faces refer to their brand of gloomy post punk as ‘cold rock’, and there’s definitely a blast of alpine bleakness to the four tracks on offer on this debut four track EP; But whilst gothic edifices such as Joy Division and Killing Joke are clear reference points, the band also take in such disparate staging posts as Pink Floyd and The Pixies to provide what could well be one of the most stimulating releases in its field in 2017.

Obviously there’s nothing new to be experienced here; how could there be in a style of music that takes all it’s cues from the music of thirty-odd years ago? But that doesn’t detract from the enjoyment your will deride from Future Faces. Robotic, primitive (but not in a bad way) drum lines courtesy of Matthieu Baumann prop everything up, whilst the crystalline guitar leads of Alex Muller Ramirez (who also contributes synths and vocals) evoke memories of The Edge on opening track Embraces or Joey Santiago on the excellent Columns. However, it’s the strident bass work Edo Garcia that is the highlight of each track, a black, pumping heart of everything that’s good about Revolt – which is rather a lot in an understated, retroactive kind of way.

Ramirez’ vocals are mixed low, becoming an indistinct mumble for much of the time that’s as much an instrumental element as a lyrical one but which fits the beguiling, ethereal picture being painted. He moans away like an old drunk in the background of Structures, but somehow it fits rather than detracts, the whole being a consuming and elevating slab of grim post-punk grandeur.

Marvellous stuff, then with the only grip being that there are only four tracks made available for our listening pleasure. I’m already looking forward to hearing more. One for gothic misanthropes everywhere. Enjoy, if you can…

Revolt is out now on Throatruiner Records