Finnish punx Graveyard Shifters have released a new EP, Welcome to Sherwood, and it’s not half bad. Second track Dead End Road is nicely anthemic, reminding your correspondent of Norway’s Blodig Alvor with its melodic insistence and catchy refrains, whilst Catfish has a slightly gothic touch and a beautifully crafted rock n’roll solo.

The uptempo Fruit Fly Invasion, which contains the immortal first line ‘where are these bastards coming from?’ adds humour to the thrash n’bash, and the cod-Metallica DIE! DIE! chants will bring a smile to even the most curmudgeonly dial. And the blues-rock keyboard solo which comes out of nowhere mid song is a bit of a surprise and a highlight, too, if i’m being honest.

Little tricks like that prove that these lads are both none too serious about their art and not afraid to mix things up a little, which is always welcome, especially considering they bookend this release with two straight ahead punkers in the shape of Back to the Grind and the title track.

Nothing new, nothing groundbreaking, as is often the case I guess in 2019, but nevertheless Graveyard Shifters have put together a rocking little disc here, which’ll tweak your pleasure receptors for sure if melodic punk floats your boat. Take a punt!

Welcome to Sherwood is out now.